Thunder Cake

Still No Rain?  We want Thunder Cake!

The following post was written while we were still living in California and the thought of living in Pennsylvania was just a dream. After the last few days without power and threats of a tornado touching down in our area, I have a new appreciation for this book.  We were on vacation up in the Endless Mountains with 15 kids of all ages.  The kids did a good job distracting themselves with card games and finding creative ways to amplify the light


I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but out here in Northern California we are waiting for rain.  I am sure the skiers were all doing rain dances long before me, but now that the craziness of the holidays is almost behind us, I too am wondering where the rain is.  It has been many years since we have had a winter this dry.  Don’t get me wrong,  as I was filling Santa’s Sled and running around to 20 basketball games over the break, I thought it was a gift from God!  No, I don’t think I am the center of his thoughts but it sure was nice to not have to worry about all that rain brings to this family of six living in the flood zone.  We only saw .24 inches of rain in the month of December which made it the second lowest month in recorded history only to be shown up by December 1989 that received zero rain.  In hopes of a weather turn of events that would make skiers, firefighters, air quality department and those wishing for green grass this summer very happy, I am going to share a very sweet children’s  book with you.

Thunder Cake

Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco is a book of fear, courage, determination and love.

My son’s second grade teacher, Mrs. Pryor, read this book to her class and then sent the recipe home for all the kids.  My son knowing that I would love any reason to bake couldn’t wait to show me the recipe.  It quickly went on the “For a Rainy Day To-Do List” but the rains never came.  One afternoon when we had our favorite baker I mean babysitter come back for a visit, we put her to the test of making a Thunder Cake.  Despite the fact that the kids thought it quite strange to put tomatoes in chocolate cake and that I omitted the chocolate butter frosting and the strawberries, the second graders of Mrs. Pryor’s class gave it two thumbs up!

I think we all should make a Thunder Cake in hope of rain and make it our form of  a “Rain Dance”.  May mother nature be good to you and happy baking!


  1. Gina Curran says:

    This is a favorite book and recipe for my daughter Molly. She thinks its so fun to serve to friends and then reveal that the cake is made with tomatoes! All very fun and yummy.

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