Three Cheers for Three Kings Day

In the craziness of the holidays, I caught myself wishing that all my kids “knew” and we could just escape to Hawaii.  It saddened me to have these thoughts.  In a year that contained God sized miracles, I wanted to give the season the celebration it deserved.  It was amongst the chaos of the typical holiday nonsense and 20 basketball games thrown in for some extra fun, that a new family tradition was born.

We have decided that from this year forward, TeamDuff would be celebrating January 6th as our own family holiday.  For a few years now we have been trying to pick a day that would be ours and free from all outside obligations.  What better day than, Three Kings Day?  It is still officially part of “the season” and it is highly doubtful that future spouses and in-laws would object with this yearly gathering.  At least that is the hope.

This year’s celebration included 6 Duffs, a fabulously healthy meal, a special surprise gift for each child and a Three Kings Cake from Mi Pueblo.  Thanks to, we were able to secure a cake the day of our new holiday and not have to go with our back up plan of Chocolate Lava Cake.

Each year we plan on building on our TeamDuff holiday tradition.  What would you include?

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