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Thanks for all of your suggestions in the comments, it has been fun to see everyone’s ideas!  Our new little angel puppy arrived at our house in the wee hours last night and we still have not named her, so we are running a poll for you to vote on our final name choices.  Click on this link to go to our Puppy Name Poll and vote for you favorite and leave a comment and you will be entered in our giveaway of a second See’s Candy Gift Card.  Help us name this beautiful puppy and see who takes home the second See’s Gift Card!

and the Winner is…

The comment randomly selected as the winner of the $25 See’s Gift Card is Suzanne’s: “How about Nip. Then you will have Nip and Tuck!!! Ha haaaa!!”  Well, Suzanne, you receive the See’s Gift card, but Nip did not make our finals list.  Head over to our Puppy Poll Post to see and vote on our finalists!

Help us name this cute puppy and win See’s Candy!

Our baby girl puppy is 8 weeks old and the breeder sent us new photos!

8 Weeks Old Puppy

Girl Puppy


Baby Girl Puppy New PuppyFirst texted photo from breeder.  This is where the puppy love affair began.

cute all black miniature schnauzer female puppy

Top 5 Reasons Why We Need a New Puppy

1) We lost one of our dogs a year ago.

2) Our youngest is 10 years old, which is the perfect age for a puppy.

3) Tucker needs a friend.

4) She is so darn cute!

5) Who doesn’t need a new puppy?!

After convincing ourselves that we needed a new puppy, we began our search…

How We Found the Right Puppy

Once we decided we needed to get a new puppy, of course we wanted to get one as soon as possible.  That type of urgency can lead to bad decisions, so we took a breath and started researching.  We knew that we did not want to get our puppy from a source that was affiliated with puppy mills of any kind, which unfortunately many local pet store puppies are; so we started our research with the American Kennel Club website. The AKC has loads of information and links to specific breed clubs, which, in our case, led us to the American Miniature Schnauzer Club website.  This site had lots of information on the breed and a list of breeders.  Unfortunately, the sites do not have links directly to listed breeders, so we had to find the names of breeders and then individually search for each one. Time consuming!

After literally three days of searching the internet, we locked in on what will be our 5th miniature schnauzer.  The picture above was texted to us from our favorite breeder (and we talked to many) and we fell in love.

More photos started popping on our phone screen and it was deal done.

Newborn Puppies

After sending in our deposit for our sweet new puppy, we received her new born photo of her and her sister.  The girls were born on 6-17-14 so we won’t be able to bring ours home until August 22nd.  As much as we are dying to have her join our family, we have some work to do around the house to prepare for her arrival.  This is where we ask you for your help….

To Enter This Giveaway, just answer the following question in the comment section of this post:

What should we name our puppy?

The Rules

One name per comment and one comment per visit, but you can visit as often as you want.

Winner will be announced Friday, August 22.  Winner be chosen randomly by our giveaway software.  Winner will receive a $25 gift card, courtesy of See’s Candies, the most delicious chocolate treats made in America!

Sees Chocolate InsideSees Candy Gift Card

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And you can never go wrong with See’s Lollipops (Butterscotch is KC and Emily’s favorite!)

Sees Candies Tote Bag

Check out their website where you can build your own assorted box and have it shipped right to your doorstep.  Our love of See’s Candy deserves its own post, which will be coming soon….

We look forward to seeing your comments and good luck!



Giveaway sponsored by CEOoftheHouse.com and See’s Candies.


  1. Bentley

  2. Piper

  3. Nina Hudemann Perron says:

    Koa 🙂

  4. bailey

  5. Patrick Curran says:

    Spike or Chester

  6. Patrick Curran says:


  7. Piper or Bailey

  8. uh oh I didn’t see one name per comment haha just Bailey

  9. Nicholas says:

    Jr from Carter

  10. Lucy or lulu for short

  11. Sarah Smith says:


  12. Rachael Filzen says:


  13. Prince because he is black and he regal.

  14. Royal

  15. Whoops since it’s a girl Athena

  16. Victoria says:


    Because it’s replacing ONEIL

  17. Victoria says:


  18. Leila

  19. Victoria says:

    Di for the beautiful princess Diana

  20. Victoria says:


  21. Terry Hennessy says:


  22. Dick Duff says:

    A nice German name: Wolfrida

  23. Maria king says:

    How about Lilly?

  24. bama! 🙂

  25. Misty.

  26. Marley.

  27. scout or bailey

  28. How about Nip. Then you will have Nip and Tuck!!! Ha haaaa!!

  29. Zack Navone says:

    Sheila, she just looks like a Sheila. Congratulations!!!

  30. Dubh is black in Irish so how about Dooby McDuff?

  31. Ella says “Blacky”

  32. Khloe

  33. Victoria says:


  34. Roxy

  35. Wendy Willrich says:


  36. Leslie Gardner says:

    She looks like Little Tiki to me 🙂
    Tiki and Tucker!

  37. Rachelle Avila says:


  38. omg…soooo cute!


  39. Bob-O Roenisch says:

    Nix on Wolfrida and how about a classic German name like “Heidi”? She approves. 🙂

  40. Molly

  41. Bella

  42. Olive

  43. ROCKET

  44. DUBH (Black) in Gaelic pronounced “DOOB” (LOL) and you can call her DUBI (dooie)

    dubh [d???w] – black, dark, black-haired,

    Etymology: from the Old Irish dub, from the Proto-Celtic *dubu- (black), from the Proto-Indo-European *d?ewb?- (black).

    So my vote is DUBI

  45. Erinn Wiley says:


  46. Erinn Wiley says:


  47. My suggestions would be Willow or Duffy.

  48. Hana

  49. poppy

  50. Giselle

  51. Annie

  52. Amelia

  53. Violet

  54. Scourbys Family says:

    We pick Daisy Duff for her name. 🙂 Congratulations!

  55. California (Cali for short)

  56. Moxie

  57. Molly Curran says:

    Maddie is Molly’s choice.

  58. Jack Curran says:


  59. Gina Curran says:


  60. Mollly curran says:

    Lexington or Lexi for short

  61. Katherine Boyet says:

    Meet “Truffle”… Black Truffle Oil of Duffield!

  62. Gwyneth

  63. Gina Curran says:

    Gemini and call her Gemi!

  64. Anslee

  65. I was looking thru the list of names of our female rescue dogs and think these are cute and fit her well, especially #4.
    1) Gracie
    2) Gypsy
    3) Cupcake
    4) Junebug (since she was she born in June)
    5) Jasmine

  66. Pixie I love that name

  67. Taylor and tucker

  68. California, Cali for short

  69. Emilon

  70. Jemily

  71. Leila

  72. Aubrey

  73. Mabel

  74. Skyler

  75. Scourbys Family says:

    Ed picks Kahlua

  76. Jewel jones says:

    I wish y’all would name the dog Jewel lol

  77. Jewel jones says:

    Precious, Gabrielle

  78. Julie Duff says:

    I have to go with Leslie-I love Tikiand Tucker!

  79. Dick Duff says:

    ‘Lani’…….for Sweet Leilani, a Hawaiian song written by Harry Owens in 1934 for his daughter Leilani, which won an Academy Award for best song in 1937. I withdraw ‘Wolfrida’…..

  80. Scourbys Family says:


  81. Scourbys Family says:


  82. Scourbys Family says:


  83. Scourbys Family says:


  84. Anonymous says:

    JEMILY ????

  85. Anonymous says:

    JEMILY ????

  86. Jemily.

  87. Emilon.

  88. Chrissy

  89. Phoebe

  90. Delilah

  91. Sophie

  92. Lexi

  93. Mariel

  94. Celia

  95. Enez

  96. Margaret

  97. Bryn

  98. Raven

  99. Nora

  100. Kate

  101. Tye

  102. Talia or Tara

  103. Georgia

  104. julie Duff says:

    A nice German name: ‘Schatzi’ which means; ‘Sweetheart’, or ‘Little Treasure’.

  105. Kim Gholson says:


  106. Ember

  107. Inky

  108. Josie

  109. Mollly curran says:

    Jewel, candy,eve

  110. Mollly curran says:


  111. ruby

  112. Mollly curran says:

    Bailey or Bentley

  113. Mollly curran says:


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