Hello McFly! Back to the Future Anniversary

This day in history, 56 years ago today: The clock tower was struck by lightning, sending Marty McFly back to the future, 1985….

In commemoration of the Back to the Future anniversary of the clock tower lightning strike, HBO is running all three of the Back to the Future films this month on their HBO Family channels.  These are family friendly, fun movies that can be an enjoyable way to get the family together for a few laughs as the weather turns less hospitable for outdoor activity.  Common Sense Media rates the original Back to the Future movie as appropriate for ages 8 and above.  For those of us paying for HBO channels every month, this is another way to get some value for the whole family out of them.  Check out the trailer below and program those DVRs for some family fun!

Back to the Future Theatrical Trailer

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