Empty Frame? LyveHome Time!

I am a CEO with a plethora of ideas and too many undone projects around the house.  I currently have over 70,000 photos and about 100 empty frames scattered around, screaming at me every time I pass by to give them some attention.  I decided to tackle the master bathroom frames first.

Five steps to Happy Frames!

1.) Made a list of the quantity and size of the photos I would need.

  • 4 – 3×3
  • 6 – 4×6

2.) Picked 10 Photos and dragged them to my desk top.

3.) Uploaded to http://www.ritzpix.com/

4.) Cleaned Frames

5.) Loaded Pictures

It all seems so easy when you break it down into steps but we all know that our little friends “perfectionism” and “procrastination”  like to come out and play at just these moments in time.  These two friends kept me from filling these frames for almost three years.  I am not kidding!  Once I decided to tackle them head on I ran into another buddy on my journey whom I like to call, “Mr. Road Block”.  Note to those CEO’s who are looking to cure their Empty Frame Syndrome, check with your local photo print shop and make sure they print photos in the sizes you need. Who knew 3×3 wasn’t a normal print size?  With one additional phone call I got it taken care of but it is just this sort of thing that derails me from getting things completed.  With another todo off the list I feel empowered to move on to the next grouping of empty frames.  I hope it doesn’t take three years this time.



In the meantime, there is new tool to capture and organize my photos from all of the spots they are accumulating, from my iPhone to iPad to computer, its called LyveHome.  One of the biggest concerns now that we are in the digital photo world is losing all of your photos.  LyveHome is a great way to store, organize, and view photos from all of the family photo sources.  Having gone through the pain of moving large iPhoto libraries from one computer to a new computer, I am excited to have a central repository that will not have to be migrated during the next computer upgrade.  Check out this short YouTube video overview of LyveHome.

Back to school doesn’t mean the end of making memories and my LyveHome will help me preserve and enjoy all of of our images and videos.

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