Benton Rodeo – Summer 2014

Benton Rodeo-Benton, PA.

Richard and Emily at the Rodeo

We attended the 30th annual Benton Rodeo, which claims to be the largest rodeo east of the Mississippi.  The rodeo was held for 6 consecutive days in July.  TeamDuff had so much fun the first night we went that we headed back for more.  More cowboys, cowgirls and funnel cake.

The stands were packed both nights and what we were most impressed with was the dedication that this sport takes.  From the bull riders to the lady trick riders, I love seeing the passion that individuals possess and the sheer determination at which they go after it.  We enjoyed fast paced, trick riding from Lindy Nealey who performed trick riding stunts in the recently released movie, Dakota’s Summer.

Lindy Nealey Trick Rider

Lindy Nealey Roman Riding


The Clown on our first night was hilarious and one of the main reasons we chose to go back a second night. His jokes were creative and always caught us off guard.

Rodeo Fun

When the clown jumped in the stands to ask an Amish boy to take a selfie with him, the crowd went crazy.  The Amish family were very good sports and even got a chuckle when the clown asked them to follow him on Facebook and promised them he would “tag” them in the photo.Amish Boy at the Rodeo

“But First Let’s Take a Selfie!”

See more Benton Rodeo on our YouTube Channel.

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